In the context of this method, the investigation of an organization and its working environment is called “strategic research”. The value of a critical assessment can vary depending on whether we view it from an academic or business perspective. Some components of the cycle, however, remain permanent:

  • Identify and analyze the information needed to implement the strategy
  • It is important to identify the internal and external conditions that need to be addressed.
  • Some logical strategies that can be applied are Porter’s Five Powers analysis, SWOT analysis, and Value Chain analysis.

SWOT analysis


  1. a broad range of products
  2. Participation on a worldwide scale
  3. Inflationary Pressures
  4. Products of Superior Quality
  5. Standalone Activities


  1. Styles That Are Developing
  2. As supplier Companies
  3. To maintain a low price point, the product must be of poor quality.
  4. Spreading Business to New Markets for new supplier

Opportunities for Business

  1. Upgraded due to change in Lifestyle
  2. Increase in Online marketing
  3. explore Fashion Trends
  4. More Expenditure on Hi-Fashion Products

Threats to Business

  1. Market is very competitive.
  2. It is important to note that trends change over time.
  3. Well-known Companies entering day by day

Five Forces Analysis of Thursdays Retailer

Clients have the power at the moment, so businesses should focus on improving the customer experience. Thus, a few factors shape the market position of Thursday’s brands. Porter’s Five Powers model is used to test the retail industry.

Dealingsupremacy of clients: Discount and membership are two ways businesses use to keep customers happy. Consumers indirectly affect a brand’s perception.

Bargaining power of suppliers: It is easier for brands to move suppliers because they have the purchasing power. Brands are affected by prices because of their financial strength. Suppliers have relatively little control, so their bargaining power is negligible.

Barrier for new entrance: In such a crowded market, a new brand must differentiate out. Finance is also a major issue. A lot of time is spent on marketing and distribution. As a result, newcomers to the fashion retail industry are minor.

Threat of alternatives: Alternatives are a threat from within the industry. It is impossible for any brand to guarantee that it will continue to sell and become popular if it does not pay attention to its customers. The competition for each brand is fierce, and the market is getting smaller and smaller.

Competitive Rivalry in the industry: Countless brands share similar products. However, some brands also run loyalty based on element and quality. Brands with strong image can charge more. In any case, the animosity for customers has intensified, leaving little room for newcomers. In this industry, stiff competition is a key factor. Limits, offers, and advertising help brands resist this power.

Value Chain Analysis for Thursdays

Here are some guidelines to assist you in creating and designing your image.

Marketing Activity , Brand Image, Brand Equity, Economic Value

Marketing Activity

  • Sale
  • Advertising
  • Training

Brand Image

  • Awareness
  • Attributes
  • Divergence

Brand Equity

  • Association
  • Preferences
  • Attitudes

Economic Value

  • Customer evaluation
  • Price power


Productivity, profit, and social responsibility are all crucial factors to consider when you design and build your brand and products. It may be difficult to respect the industry, but at the end of the day, your item preparation and potential modifications are critical in increasing the value of your image. Remember that style business can be a vehicle for improvement and consolidation in your area as well as in the globe local area as you strive for expansion and perhaps distinction.

Annual Variable Cost

Profit Margin

Wholesale Cost and Profit Margin

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