Mr.Vedi is the city manager. The city has outsourced the waste disposal. However, people are not satisfied, and the results are not appropriate. As a result, politicians want that the process is changed. Other cities, particularly Bavorli is faring better in this regard. The following report will analyze the situation and will suggest what steps Mr. Vedi needs to ensure his job is retained.

Comparison of the Waste Disposal Approaches


Forrena is located at a 20 Km stretch with much more dispersed population as compared to the Bavorli. Thus, its contract requirements are different. However, it is not subject to updating as in case or Ravorli. Although the contract was drafted in accordance with the suggestions of the consultants, however, it is not revised according to the changing needs with time from 9 years.

The municipality have adopted a performance management system. Instead of focusing on results, the municipality focuses on how the job is carried out. As a result, although there is a benefit that the municipality ensures that appropriate level of resources is applied in the process, however it has a great drawback, that is, the efficiency may be much lower than required and so the results are less than required to manage the waste disposal. Thus, although the municipality is more involved, the results are not appropriate.

Then, the municipality is not involving the vendor in measuring the recyclable waste related metrics that is related to the conversation of the resources. Although it is making the vendor more efficient in collecting the waste due to not spending time in the analysis of the waste, it has also a draw back. The vendor is not supporting the municipality in environment conservation efforts, an important goal that may end up in reducing the municipality budget from the central government.

The county is not involved of the public and there Is no formal complaint management procedure. As a result, people perhaps have stopped complaining considering no one is responding them. As a result, people will pressurize politicians more to improve the service. It seems that the contact would be modified sooner or later. To investigate the complaints and solve them is the responsibility of both municipality and vendor. The municipality is not measuring how the problems of the people are solved or not solved at all.

The county is not in contact with the public either. They introduced a new waste collection approach, but they do not inform the public in appropriate manner it seems. As a result, there are problems in waste collection process.

The main focus of the county Is to ensure a fair price for the service and not on the quality of the service which is problematic for the politicians and the people. Vendor is not required to improve the quality it seems.

It also monitors very small area. Although it results in lower quality level of services, however, it also means less supervisors are required and so the service is provided within budget.


Bavorli is a smaller municipality. It has a different approach to the handling of the waste disposal. It has also outsourced the waste disposal, but its contract can be updated as well as it is focused on results than anything else. As a result, the service quality is best, and the citizens are satisfied.

It also has a public private committee that oversee the issues and problems registered by the citizens and they are properly solved and monitored. However, it may result in higher costs of the waste disposal.But, it results in more satisfied residents of the municipality.

It also monitors the measures for recycling with the help of vendor. That may cost the municipality more, but it would help the company in managing environment protection targets.

Which Approach is Better

The approach of Bavorli is more suitable and that is what I would prefer to monitor the services. This is because is result oriented and provide more satisfactory service at required level and the residents are satisfied, which is most important. Moreover, it also helps in environment conservation efforts. As results are monitored and the monitoring level is appropriate so the cost would also be lower.

This kind of method is suitable for all kind of jobs. However, it may not be appropriate in terms of environment and safety of the employees of the vendor. This is because vendor may pressurize them to work overtime as it may keep the costs low by having lower number of vehicles and employees.

Assessment of Mr. Vedi’s Criticism of Bavroli’s Approach

In my opinion, Mr. Vedi does not understand his work and the requirements of the work appropriately. That is why, his sol3 focus is getting better value for money and not the quality of service and the satisfaction of the residents. Although he is not ready to change the vendor as it may have developed some economies of scale, however, it might be costly to hire a new vendor, however, there are so many problems with the system that either the country needs to negotiate the contract of they need to issue a new tender to hire a vendor that can fulfil their requirements.

Moreover, he is more concerned about the value for money and not the quality and appropriate level of service which should be the main concern. He should be result oriented without considering how many vehicles and employees are used as efficiency is main concern rather than how many people are hired to work.

His opinion that the vendor is not responsible for solving the problem is also wrong. This is because it is vendor who is performing the service. Therefore, it is more appropriate for him to ensure the results are achieved rather than counting vehicles and people.

Moreover, he is also wrong about supervision. They should ensure more supervisors to visit the areas to monitor work even if needs more budget.

Then, he thinks that the complaint solving should be left with the vendor which should be done by him and the vendor.

Then, he also not informed the people about the new method for the waste proposal.

That is why, Mr. Vedi is not doing a good job and I don’t agree with his opinion.

What Mr. Vedi Needs to Do to Secure His Jobs

If Mr. Vedi wants to keep his job, he should tell the politicians that he is going to study the case of the Bavorli and apply the result-based approach. For that matter he should work on renegotiating the agreement with the current vendor or else, will put the job into tender again to find an appropriate vendor.

Mr. Vedi should also ensure better monitoringin order to ensure the quality is maintained. Moreover, he should also ensure a complaint resolving method, ideally with a joint commission including him, the vendor and some public representatives to ensure every issue is properly satisfied. Having people and vendor both on commission would mean only genuine complaints would be put forward and then they would be resolved as well.

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