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Callisto Mining Company Case Study Solution

The Callisto Mining Company is a Canadian company operating Mine in the Northern areas of Canada. In 2005, the company found quartz ore in the Northwest Territories near the town of Marathon. This ore contains a high concentration of Gold, Silver,and Platinum.

Mark To Market Securities

In its 2006 annual report Agora Company shows that as of 1 October 2006, it owned $87.5 million in marketable securities designated as NonTrading Securities. On the same date, Agora Company owned $53.5 million in marketable securities designated as Trading Securities.

Societe generale a the jerome kerviel affair

SociétéGénérale is a French bank established in 1864 because of the Industrial Revolution. Since the Industrial Revolution, French steel organizations and railways required assets and this was the principle explanation behind the dispatch of the SociétéGénérale.